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demonstrating Kendō, Japanese Sword Fencing

Matsuri demo

Fencing is the Martial Art of fighting with blades. In Kendō, that blade is the shinai or the practice version of the katana, the traditional Japanese blade. Kendō differs from Foil Fencing, in that the katana is a curved, cutting blade while the foil simulates a thin, stabbing blade.

Established in 1990, under the mentorship of Maki Miyahara, hachi-dan, hanshi, of the Southern California Kendo Federation, Phoenix Kendo offers classes
at the Lincoln Family Y.M.C.A.

The training curriculm of the International Kendō Federation is followed.

Spirited kiai is greatly encouraged.

Our Mentoring Instructor for Many Years ...

Maki Hiroyuki Miyahara

Miyahara, 2011.

Prior to his retirement, Phoenix Kendo was mentored by Miyahara-sensei, hachi-dan, 8th degree, of Southern California, who was recognized as hanshi, or Senior
Instructor, by the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF).

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